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Dear Visitors,

  Although this is mainly a wholesale site for Egyptian Gifts and Handicrafts; but at the same time we desired to prepare it as an enjoyable place for those all who love Egypt.
   So that, let us cooperate all .. We as the site administrators .. You as visitors who are amazed with the Egyptian art and civilization .. and the Craftsman who work hard in silence and persistence to complete the special mission of civilization and culture which his ancient predecessor wanted to send to people all over the world.
   You will find here not only pure Egyptian products and handicrafts like Perfume Glass, Egyptian Cotton Towels, Egyptian Papyrus, Egyptian Statues, Women Accessories, Mother of Pearl, Leather, Copper .... and others; but also you will find a lot of information, photos, videos, even music about Egypt.
   Egyptian Market appreciates all your comments, suggestions and contributions. Also we shall be happy to reply your questions and inquires concerning wholesale prices, order minimum quantity or what ever you like to be clarified about...
   Our Sitemap will help you browsing the site more easier.
   Thank you for visiting us, kindly feel free to go through the site. We wish you all enjoyable time.


Top News

* Two held as '1m Egyptian statue' is found to be a fake

* Giant Ancient Egyptian Sun Temple Discovered in Cairo

* Egypt asks US museum to return gold mummy mask

* Egypt emerges as attractive tourist destination for Indians

* Egypt announces discovery of Ramses II statues


Egyptian Songs

* Om Kalthoum - Hayart alby
- 1Download - 2 Download]

* 3abdel 7alim - Allah ya baladna
- Download]

* Sherine - Mesh 3ayza 3'erak
- Download]

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Egyptian Links

* Egyptian Presidency

* Coptic Museum

* Egyptian Museum

* St. Takla Church

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Proverbs From the Ancient Egyptian Temples

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